Our mission is to encourage and educate new and potential alpaca owners. We
specialize in customized training and farm management planning for the entire

Our Business
Adonai's Alpacas is a full service farm offering first- time buyers mentoring
packages that include breeding, sales, business plan development and owner
education. Children involvement is strongly encouraged with training
opportunities for all ages.

If you are just curious or seriously interested in owning alpacas, we will be
available to advise you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about the
benefits and rewards of an "alpaca lifestyle".

Who We Are
Nicole Taylor has a degree in Animal Industries from the University of
Connecticut and is a certified teacher. She has been active in both adult and
elementary education for the past 15 years. Nicole specializes in handling and
training animals and is committed to working with both adults and children
interested in the alpaca industry.

Nicole and Hartwell have four children ages 12, 18, 18 and 20. Together they
manage Adonai's Alpacas with a focus on public education and community
outreach with regards to alpacas and self-sustained organic farming.